Alanya Shopping

Alanya is truly a shopper's haven. You will be amazed by the innumerable shops and boutiques lining the streets and find a plethora of articles to purchase. If you are good at bargaining you can be sure of making nifty deals. Expect to be treated with beverages in shops. The articles to look out for include copper work, jewellery, carpets, Turkish textiles, handbags, souvenirs and artifacts. You will find good quality items at very reasonable prices. The special attraction of Alanya is however painted gourds.




Tips for shopping

Avoid shopping for the first couple of days of your holiday. It is important that you get to know the currency before you start bargaining and buying. 

Do not enter a shop where the salesmen are practically grabbing you from the street. In these shops the salesmen are likely to push you to buy and, if you should choose not to buy, they can become very aggressive. 

Always make the salesman tell you a price before you start getting more information about the goods. Salesmen become upset if they have spent a lot of time trying to sell you items which you refuse to buygin the end because they are too expensive for you.