Living Costs


ln contrast to most European countries the entry in the property register in Turkey is not performed by the notary public, but by an official of the property Registry Department. lt is a legal requriement for both sides (the seller and the buyer) to be present at the entry. It is  possible authorise another person by giving a Power of Attorney at the Notary Public office.The delivery of the Title deed of transfer does not require the intervention of a Notary Public in Turkey. After the entry and delivery the property register issues a proof of ownership which is called :Tapu

Giving a Power Attorney at Notary Public.

Approximately =150 Euro

Register Fee of the Property Register Departmant (Tapu office )

Approximately  =25 Euro

Completion Report

Obtaining'Completion report' (New built property only ) Starting only from 350 euro depending of the size and location.


New connection of electricity meter

App :100 Euro (one only )

Name transfer of an excisting connection

App :30 Euro (one only )

Energy cost per Kws

App :0,10 Euro


New connection of the water meter :

App :60 Euro

Name transfer of an existing connection :

App :30 Euro

Water cost per m3:

App:0,75 Euro


P.s.: You can only get a land line telephone registered if you have a residence permit in Turkey. Telephone connection:

Approx. 4 Euro Cost per unit:

Approx. 0.036 Euro Monthly rental:

Approx. 3.66 Euro Unit period (province):

60 Seconds

Some living costs in Turkey

Water per m3 : 0.75 Euro / m3
Energy per kwh : 0.10 Euro / kwh
Petrol per liter : 1.50 Euro / liter
Turkish kebap : Approx. 4.00 Euro per plate
Tomatoes : 0.40 Euro / kg
Lamb meat : 9 Euro / kg
White bread : 0.15 Euro / piece
Beer : 1 Euro / 33cl
Hair Cut : 5.00 Euro per cut
House cleaning : 25 Euro / full apartment
Minibus in Alanya Centrum : 1 Euro per person