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Antalya Expo 2016
The World's Largest Olympics: Expo The preparation for Antalya Expo continues, its the largest world exhibition which is expected more than 8 million visitors. Expo is an abbreviation of the word Exposition. It means the world fair. Turkish means exhibition. It is the world's largest culture, history, education, economy, science and...
  • apartment_villa_penthouses_land_hotel_alanya
    Real estate Turkey: Alanya, property, apartment, sale, villa, home,Real estate Turkey: Alanya, property, apartment, sale, villa, home, house Real estate Turkey: Alanya, property, apartment, sale, villa, home, house Real estate in Alanya Turkey: Property, Villa, Apartment, sale, Home, House Immobilien, Turkei, Alanya, Wohnung, Haus, Villa, kaufen, zu verkaufen, Bau Real estate...
  • Golf Tourism in Alanya
    Alanya golf courses and related studies have been completed. Golf Tourism projects for Alanya have been approved.Five of the fields officially announced.Mahmutlar,Okurcalar,Türkler,Kargıcak,Baltepe (Emişbeleni) will be the new towns for golf tourism centers. ALTSO president Kerim Aydoğan also explained that the golf course will increase the quality and diversity of the tourism...
  • Gazipasa Airport İnternational news
    Airline company based Antalya  Corendon,made the first trial to Gazipasa airport   consisting of 189 Boeing 737-800 aircraft.'100 Thousand touristsYildiray Corendon Karaer Airlines Chairman and General Manager said that ; "I think this flight will be opened along the front of tourism in Alanya and the environment. First flight will do on April 20....
  • CPH flights to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport
    Tyrkiet Eksperten/Scanway starting direct flights from Copenhagen to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport and bookings are already available now! The Turkish/Danish Tour Operator Tyrkiet Eksperten/Scanway announced at their website that they are starting the direct flights from Copenhagen to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport from 1 April to 30 October 2012. Bookings are already available...
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    Things to Do in Alanya

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    Needless to say, a place as vibrant as Alanya abounds in various activities that lure all travel freaks. Your summer travel will be enhanced manifold by the several sporting opportunities that Alanya has to offer. You can go biking around the countryside, or more adventurously to the Taurus Mountains with their stunning views. You can find a wealth of mysterious beauty under the seawaters and caves of Alanya. Experience the true pleasures of sea diving in the waters of Alanya.


    Rafting on the Alara River

    The Alara River rises at the famous 'Flying Water' Waterfall close to the village of Köprülü canyon. The Rafting starts some kilometres down the river. On the way there, a break is made at the mountain village of Güzelbag and from there the tour continues over dusty paths to the starting point.







    Diving in Alanya


    Alanya is so much more than just the cosy streets of the bazaar, a throbbing nightlife and a beautiful landscape.

    The city of Alanya's wonderful position right on the Turkish Mediterranean coast gives unique opportunities for numerous activities, not least when it comes to water sports.One to be most recommended is diving.

    Though not able to measure up to the underwater flora of the Red Sea, for example, the Mediterranean still contains many challenges for all divers, experienced as well as beginners. This is possiblely due to the large range of dives that is available in many different price categories. As a general rule diving in Turkey is less expensive than similar types of dives in the countries of Northern Europe.

    The environment in Alanya is ideal for a great diving experience. Almost all of the dives take place near the magnificent Alanya Rock, which divides Alanya into an Eastern and Western part. The Rock provides a home to many different plants and fish and this helps to make diving very exiting. An opportunity for the more experienced diver is deep-sea diving.An extra benefit for you is that no matter which type of dive you choose, it is possible to do it all year round.
    The safety of the dives is also good. Professional instructors, with a good knowledge of foreign languages such as English and German, and modern equipment included in the diving price will ensure that your diving experience in Alanya will be a good one. So whether you have been diving many times before or you are trying it for the first time, diving in Alanya will be a challenge.This will without a doubt bring you many fantastic memories and one of the very best experiences of your holiday.


    Mountain biking in Alanya

    This text is written by Martin Bernhart who has been living and mountain biking in Alanya since 1992.

    There are lots of opportunities for having an active holiday in Alanya and to go mountain biking is certainly one of them as the Taurus Mountains, with 3,000 metre peaks, are so accessible. It does not matter if it is only to spend a few pleasant hours with the family at one of Alanya's beautiful rivers or in preparation for serious competitions like the European Mountain Bike tour, the terrain around Alanya has what it takes.

    The quality of the roads varies from good asphalt along the coast to road conditions of all kinds. In the mountains you will find everything from dirt roads to small trails where good cycling technique is a must. For those wanting to go downhill only there are also possibilities but, since transport to the top is problematic, it could be difficult.

    When you are mountain biking in the mountains the local people are always welcoming but do not expect them to understand what you are doing!

    Remember that intense training in June, July and August cannot be recommended due to the high temperatures. Always carry with you two bottles of water and refill them at the mountain springs which you will see everywhere.

    For normal cyclists less demanding trips in the beautiful countryside are recommended. For example it is possible to join trips to local Turkish villages where tourism has not yet affected everyday life. All you require is to be in reasonable physical condition!
    As an ordinary means of transport the bicycle can also be recommended.
    The highlight of the year is the annual Alanya International Mountain Bike Cup which usually takes place the second Sunday in October and has participants from all over the world.



    Play Golf in Turkey at Belek

    The tourist resort of Belek, Antalya is famous not only for its wonderful hotels but also for its golf courses. Belek is only a half hour drive from Antalya International Airport and is close to many interesting historical sights.

    There are 6 championship golf courses to choose from. All the courses are set in beautiful natural areas with the snow-capped Taurus Mountains as a backdrop. The courses are attached to hotels and priority is given to hotel guests and therefore non-residents should always check with the course management that play is possible.

    A brief summary of each of the courses is detailed below and further information on the local rules and regulations can be obtained directly from the course/hotel.




    Aqua Park


    Infinitive joy while swimming and going down the waterslides.An incredible party in the water is awaiting the entire family here. Not only the children will have an enormous amount of fun, because after all there is a little child in all of us and with this much fun its spirit will come out in no time.






    Horseback riding

    A wonderful experience for all the horse lovers among you.The ride will be under skilled guidance, people who know about horseback riding and the area where you will be riding. The little ones can ride in the riding-school under supervision. The ranch is located in an amazing mountain landscape and very well attended to.






    Jeep safari


    Dusty, but adventurous drives.Whether your driving jeeps or quads, this drive will take you to dusty and off the road areas. You will have a lot of fun driving through the most wild and romantic places in the Taurus.







    Boat Tour


    The ideal chance to lie down, relax in the sun and enjoy some swimming.
    Along the amazing coast of Alanya some of the most beautiful bays can be found. The crystal clear sea, the green mountains and the enchanting islands will make your dreams come true. On the characteristic wooden boats - Gulets - will offer you entertainment, relaxation, lots of sun and even more fun.





    Water Sports


    Jet-ski, banana rides, parachute, windsurf and all other water sports if you are intersted in participating to the one of these water sport activities there are a lots of choices in the Alanya town center for the adventures visitors.






    Turkish Bath ( Hamam )

    The tradition of visiting a Turkish bath (hamam) came into being because of the demand for personal hygiene in the Koran. A Turkish bath starts in a marble lined room with a cupola in the ceiling, sinks along the walls and a massive marble block in the middle.
    The treatment begins once the pores of the body are opened by the warm moist air. Most of the dirt is then removed by scrubbing the whole body with a special glove. Soon it will become obvious that you were not as clean as you may have thought!
    After a shower the body is once more soaped up and washed thoroughly. All the dirt and grime in the skin is quickly washed away.
    The treatment finishes with an oil massage where all joints and muscles are loosened. A perfect ending to a very relaxing experience.
    A hamam is suitable for all and most places have mixed or separate sessions.


    Visiting Other Popular Destinations


    Please remember that the geographic location of Alanya gives you a chance to visit other popular places in Mediterranean Region. You can participate to guided Professional tour at a reasonable price from Alanya to discover more about Turkey. ( Pamukkale , Side , Manavgat , Kapadokya , Antalya , Aspendos etc. )



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