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Antalya Expo 2016
The World's Largest Olympics: Expo The preparation for Antalya Expo continues, its the largest world exhibition which is expected more than 8 million visitors. Expo is an abbreviation of the word Exposition. It means the world fair. Turkish means exhibition. It is the world's largest culture, history, education, economy, science and...
  • apartment_villa_penthouses_land_hotel_alanya
    Real estate Turkey: Alanya, property, apartment, sale, villa, home,Real estate Turkey: Alanya, property, apartment, sale, villa, home, house Real estate Turkey: Alanya, property, apartment, sale, villa, home, house Real estate in Alanya Turkey: Property, Villa, Apartment, sale, Home, House Immobilien, Turkei, Alanya, Wohnung, Haus, Villa, kaufen, zu verkaufen, Bau Real estate...
  • Golf Tourism in Alanya
    Alanya golf courses and related studies have been completed. Golf Tourism projects for Alanya have been approved.Five of the fields officially announced.Mahmutlar,Okurcalar,Türkler,Kargıcak,Baltepe (Emişbeleni) will be the new towns for golf tourism centers. ALTSO president Kerim Aydoğan also explained that the golf course will increase the quality and diversity of the tourism...
  • Gazipasa Airport İnternational news
    Airline company based Antalya  Corendon,made the first trial to Gazipasa airport   consisting of 189 Boeing 737-800 aircraft.'100 Thousand touristsYildiray Corendon Karaer Airlines Chairman and General Manager said that ; "I think this flight will be opened along the front of tourism in Alanya and the environment. First flight will do on April 20....
  • CPH flights to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport
    Tyrkiet Eksperten/Scanway starting direct flights from Copenhagen to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport and bookings are already available now! The Turkish/Danish Tour Operator Tyrkiet Eksperten/Scanway announced at their website that they are starting the direct flights from Copenhagen to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport from 1 April to 30 October 2012. Bookings are already available...
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    Need To Make a Will

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    Turkish Inheritance Law Summary

    If the decedent was married, we have to explain the portion according to the alive spouse (husband or wife).If the alive spouse is inheritor with,

    • Decedent’s kids: Alive spouse will get ¼, kids will get ¾ and share equally.
    • (No Kids or Grandchild) Decedent’s parents: Alive spouse will get ½, parents will get ½ and share equally.
    • (No Kids or Parent/ Parent’s kids, grandchild) Decedent’s grandfather/grandmother: Alive spouse will get ¾, grandfather/grandmother will get ¼ and share equally.

    If there is no alive spouse, Kids get 100% of inheritance and share equally.
    For single (unmarried and also has no kids) decedent, legal inheritors are decedent’s father and mother and they share equally. If father or mother or both are dead; kids and dead kid’s kids will get the inheritance.
    If there is no parents and kids or parent’s kid or grandchild, then grandfather and grandmother are legal inheritors. If they are dead their kids will be legal inheritors.

    Will Law in Turkey

    A person who has completed fifteen years of age and having full mental capacity can make a will with in the limits and the form which are specified by the Civil Code. In case of error, fraud or duress, the will is not valid. A will may be executed in official form, in handwriting, or orally. A will executed in official form will be made in the presence of a notary and the final text will be signed by two witnesses
    Oral will is avaible for emergency states. Official will and handwritten will provides the same result but Official will has more proof power. Some disputes about signature can involve because of handwritten will after grantor death.
    The most important point about a will is the text. The text has to include all necessary informations required because of Turkish Civil Code and it has to tell the will of grantor in the right way.

    What do I need to prepare a will

    • Passport
    • 6 pictures

    How will I prepare my will
    You will have an appoinment from our law Office and we will prepare the best text for your will according to your needs. Then we will go to public notary when your will is ready to sign.

    Approximately Attorney Fee , Notary Charges and Translator Fee
    Attorney Fee to Represent 2 people(Example Husband and Wife) 250 €
    Additional Expenditure
    Notarising a Will at the Public Notary for 2 people plus Offical Translator Cost approximately 750 YTL

    Attorney Fee to Represent 1 person 150 €
    Additional Expenditure
    Notarising a Will at the Public Notary for 1 person plus Offical Translator Cost approximately 375 YTL

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